DO Monterrei

Pepe Porter

An amazing Mencía that conveys all its character in every sip

Pepe Porter is a premium quality wine from a careful selection of the best bunches of our Mencia red grape. It is a delicious and versatile red that should be in any cellar.

The Mencía grape occupies only a small part of the world production and that makes it very peculiar. However, it is enough production to satisfy the most refined palates.

The Monterrei D.O. has a temperate climate with a continental tendency, influenced by the Atlantic Ocean. Slate and schist soils are ideal during dry seasons, as they provide aromas in red wines.



Brand: Pepe Porter
D.O.: Monterrei
Type of wine: Red
Variety: Mencía 100%
Alcohol content (% vol.): 13,5
Total acidity (g/L Tartaric: 5,4


Ideal accompaniment to meat, rice, cheese and oriental cuisine.
Serving temperature: 12-15 °C.


Visual phase

Clean and bright wine with a good cherry red color and violet edges. 


Intense, with a predominance of varietal memories, notes of fruit (raspberry, currant, black plum) and elegant florals.


In the mouth it stands out for its balance, good harmony, with a deep aftertaste and a pleasant finish in the mouth.

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