DO Monterrei

Pepa Porter

The most modern Godello, has a refined style and a vibrant spirit

The Godello Pepa Porter is the result of a careful work in the field and the rest in the winery for 4 months on fine lees, by using the best Godello grapes.

The area is subject to hot and dry summers, as well as to pretty cold winters.These wines come from autochthonous vines that adapt very well to the soils of the Monterrei region.

Three types of soils are present: slaty and schistose soils, ideal during dry seasons; granitic and sandy, which come from the degradation of the granitic rocks and present a low pH; and sedimentary, which are quite complex soils due to the mixture of materials.



Brand: Pepa Porter
D.O.: Monterrei
Type of wine: White
Variety: 100% Godello
Alcohol content (% vol.): 13
Total acidity (g/L Tartaric): 5,4

Food pairing

Ideal with white f with intense aromas of the sea, rice and pasta, mild and fruity cheeses.
Serving temperature: 8 – 10 °C.



Pale white wine with lemony reflections, clean, transparent and brilliant, good tear.


Clear nose with a marked fruity character, citrus, white and stone fruits, as well as light floral touches.


Wide and glyceric palate, fresh and smooth. Round and slightly sweet-toothed. Well balanced, medium structure and long aftertaste.

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