Adegas Terrae is a modern and dynamic winery that is committed to achieving an experience for consumers.

Our wines are fresh, daring & delicious

Our origins

Adegas Terrae was born in 2017 and aims at raising the prestige of Galician wine around the world, following the latest trends and offering affordable luxury in each bottle. It takes by name the Latin term terrae, from which the word land derives, to which we love and owe so much for being the cradle of our wines.

We seek to run away from the traditional winery image and we are trying to develop a new product concept througha daring image and innovative packaging,with the aim of surprising consumers by exceeding their expectations.

Our commitment

We are a company that advocates presenting a product as noble as wine, as part of our cultural heritage. We are concerned with the lasting union with the environment, with an orderly diffusion of consumption and, above all, with rejuvenating the wine culture. Turning it into a live and open art, which demonstrates its ability to adapt itself over time and the demands of modern society.

What we stand for

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we strive to deliver premium quality in our wines and to deliver excellent customer service.

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Galician roots

We are proud to promote the varieties of native grapes of Galicia and its five appellations of origin (D.O.).

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We are innovative and creative, we closely follow the latest market trends to anticipate consumer’s needs.

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We understand that people do better and are more effective when they collaborate, we are all Adegas Terrae.

Our vineyards

Adegas Terrae has 33 hectares of vineyard distributed among the five appellations that Galicia has: Rias Baixas, O Ribeiro, Monterrei, Ribeira Sacra and Valdeorras.

Our Winemaker

Pablo Estévez is passionate about wine and an expert in Galician varietals, which guarantees the continuity of the quality and style of our wines. He grew up in O Ribeiro and proudly admits to being linked to the wine world since childhood. He specialized in oenology to start his professional career about twenty years ago. Today he is one of the most prestigious winemakers in Spain and is considered one of the great drivers of the transformation of the wine in Galicia. His career is already close to a hundred international awards and to them is added, for the second consecutive year, the Award for Best Young Winemaker in Spain 2020. In Adegas Terrae we are proud to have Pablo on our team since without him we could not have reached the extraordinary quality of our wines.


Galicia is located in the north western corner of Spain and is famous for its lush green landscapes and its coastline crossed by numerous estuaries. It is known worldwide for its capital, Santiago de Compostela, declared a World Heritage Site by UNESCO and an important tourist and pilgrimage destination.

Galicia is part of humid Spain and has it has very different climatological regions for wine growing. The influence of the Atlantic Ocean on the coast, and its continental climate inland, create a varied mosaic that gives character to its wines.

Galicia is green, is water, is culture, is art and history, Galicia is wine…