D.O. Rías Baixas

Albariño is, without a doubt, the queen variety of the Rías Baixas appellation (referred to in Spanish as Denominación de Origen, or D.O.) and the best known in our region internationally. It started in the 80s with only about 200ha cultivated and currently exceeds 4,000ha.

Our vineyard is located in the Casa Grande de la Almuiña, the most inland area of the appellation. Its name “Al-münya” has Arabic roots, and it means orchard, so it already tells us about a past linked to agriculture.

The Arbo area enjoys a particular microclimate thanks to the three rivers that run through the town – Deva, Cea and Miño – which offers two driving systems: trellis and emparrado, by trellising the vines horizontally. Thanks to the complementation of these two systems, we have managed to achieve a delicate Albariño with low acidity.

  • Grape: Albariño
  • Location: Arbo
  • Soil: sandy
  • Ha: 8
  • Characteristic: emparrado and trellis driving system

D.O. Ribeiro

This is the oldest appellation in Galicia and one of the first in Spain. Historically it used to produce local varieties that were replaced by foreign ones due to its better resistance to diseases and higher productivity. Nowadays, the appellation is trying to bet high on autochthonous varieties in search of higher quality at low yield.

The Treixadura is the white queen of the appellation, a grape that adapts very well to the weather conditions, since it is a very sensitive variety to both lack of water and excess water.

The vineyard is located in the town of Leiro, which provides a climatic transition between the Atlantic and the continental and offers fresh single-varietal treixadura with low acidity.

  • Grape: Treixadura
  • Location: Leiro
  • Soil: sandy
  • Ha: 10
  • Feature: trellis driving system

D.O. Ribeira Sacra

The Ribeira Sacra appellation is the only one in Galicia where red wines predominate over whites. Its most cultivated variety is mencía, which provides excellent fruity and aromatic young wines.

The mencía grape is an autochthonous variety of Galicia and is shared with Bierzo, although it is perfectly adapted to the Ribeira Sacra.

Our vineyard is located in the historical sub-area of Amandi, one of the most precious due to its weather conditions, that are warmer than the rest of Galicia. The orientation towards the Sil river and its traditional cultivation on a slope over walls, make it a high quality wine.

  • Grape: Mencía
  • Location: Amandi
  • Soil: slate
  • Ha: 4
  • Feature: trellis driving system

D.O. Monterrei

This is the last appellation that was born in Galicia and makes a strong commitment to godello in white wines and mencía in red ones. In the 90s, the reconversion towards the recovery of autochthonous varieties appeared and a qualitative improvement in the production of wine was produced, which was a great boost to the wine sector of the region.

Due to the Mediterranean climatic and geographical conditions of this area, Monterrei is presented as the most differentiated appellation that exists in Galicia.

Our vineyard is located in O Rosal-Oímbra, and has a cultivation system that is carried out on a double cord trellis to facilitate work and harvesting.

  • Grape: white godello and red mencía
  • Location: O Rosal-Oímbra
  • Soil: arcillosos y pizarrosos
  • Ha: 6
  • Characteristic: double cord trellis conduction system

D.O. Valdeorras

This is the second oldest appellation in Galicia and was born with the vocation of recovering the autochthonous varieties, mainly the Godello. It goes for the quality of the product and its promotion abroad.

Our vineyards are located in the town of Vilamartín, famous for A ruta das Covas, where there is a group of about three hundred caves that focus on the production and preservation of wine. They are excavated in natural terrain and are located above 300m altitude, above the Sil River. This makes it a privileged area that provides an ideal climate for premium dry wines.

Its clay-ferrous soils have a high tolerance to water retention, which in turn provides a high level of clay that is usually rich in nutrients and that allows obtaining balanced and high-quality productions.

  • Grape: godello
  • Location: Vilamartín
  • Soil: arcillo-ferrosos
  • Ha: 5
  • Feature: trellis driving system